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      Une vie après la mort


A life after death is a response to several questions. how a single ideology can influence a collective memory, and the question of time. Would have experienced the independence icon in DR Congo Patrice Emery Lumumba.Ma question is:


What would have become Lumumba to today if he had not died in 1961?

This reference me in two questions:

- He would become rich, popular, continuing to respect and defend the injustice that was happening in Africa?

- Where rich, spoiled like most that we see today in our country;

These bring my point of view has the memory of Lumumba's life on the Congolese people that is limited to the day of January 17, to commemorate the national hero, and after it is forgotten.


I started doing interviews in my city of Lubumbashi 51 years later, it still remain the influence of ideas or person Lumumba on population, to my surprise, time is limited at all these you learn a primary school as a little history.

For two months I looked up to find a man by surprise, which made hair and dressed like Lumumba, for me it was a good opportunity to make a fiction work that could bring me Lumumba in 2012, I started doing interviews with the man who 's called Kayembe Lubamba kilobo in depth the idea of ​​fiction begin to escape me, because I found a story and a ghost in life Kilobo who send me directly to that of Lumumba.


A real say two similar lives of different levels, so a life in politics and the country, the other life for families. It all start young, who is Katanga province rival the time just after the independence of Congo province of Kisangani and Kinshasa or resided P.Lumumba, adopting the same physical representation in all this mess secessionist and the idea of ​​African unity had his idol.


Aside from the physical representation, Kayembe Kilobo traces are time these experiences and those vis-à-vis the positions injustice because it tried to make politics a municipal level, he was arrested for reasons for disagreements, after many failures must survive by singing after accompanied by former teachers career.

But pictures of 14 diptychs, but in parallel Lumumba's life before 1961 for the country and that of kilobo our days to his family in the same ambitions but different context.

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