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Tthe general word for a distinctive mark left by an object or living being human particulier.L'être by its nature leaves signs of its passage to a place, nature also does the same. Since the presence of the human being is always dominant and characterized by objects, that of nature and transforms forge to give another aspect has a root, a tree trunk or the ground itself. This is what pushed me to do a job which is entitled "footprint" .Empreinte it is work on the forms and aims to present photographs of what I see through abandoned objects, roots and tree trunks. Amazing to me that I have to see some extra forms that are found in our daily lives and also some messages through these objets.La approach of this work was to travel several places or we throw garbage and avenues for searching, observe, in order to enhance the eye to present the following work has found.
Georges Senga Assani.

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